Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is God Funny?

I have always been a comedian. Actually, I have never been paid to make people laugh, so that makes me an amateur comic. I like to laugh and enjoy situations when people around me are laughing as well. I have a strong since of humor. It may be a little different, but it is strong.
I have always said that God has a since of humor, and I am betting my life on it. God could not make someone like me and not chuckle. The problem is-where in the Bible does it say say has a since of humor? The closest thing is Balaam's talking donkey. Sure, the commentaries say this is a comedy, but when you read the story the only thing light hearted is the donkey talking. Different-sure, but it is not a side splitter.
What I turn to is the passage in Genesis that tells us God made man is His image. Therefore; I know that God is Chris Rock. Why have we as people of faith dumped humor in our religious text. This may sound a little stereotypical, but aren't the Jews (God's people,) what we think of when we think of comics? Their famous humor did not make it into the Old Testament.
So, I have a thought. Surely there must have been a book of teaching that showed a strong form of humor, (made in God's image-remember?) I have a thought that this (these) books were left out, probably by priests with no since of humor. I now have a new project to write on- uncovering the ancient text of Moses's joke book.

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