Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Morning?

What a morning I have already had.  I awoke very early this morning because I was hot. I kicked off my little quilt that I use at night, and eventually realized my fan wasn't working. This meant either it had broken during the night- or the power was out. I also noticed the ceiling fan wasn't blowing and our alarm clock wasn't lighting up. Either everything decided to break at once or we had no electricity.
  I tried to sleep through the situation, and hope Joy didn't wake up. Neither happened. After Joy was awake, I got up to do the nature deal, and noticed the lights were out over the whole neighborhood. Joy insisited that I call the power company and make a report.
  This meant I had to find a light, (where did I put those flashlights after Ike?) and look up the phone number. Cell phones are wonderfull, and I used mine as a flashlight and then dialed out on it.
  Trixie, (my bird dog,) became frightened by this ordeal and was crying in her house. If I was to let her out, I had to take her for a walk so she could do the "nature" thing as well. Trixie is a very nice dog and did her thing. She would not go back in her house afterwards, so I let her in our bed.
  Finally the power did come back. The A/C started again and my fan started moving air. I went back to sleep. All this happened before 2:00AM.

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david said...

i resorted to saving the power outage number on my cell