Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Two Thanksgivings

This may sound like the title of a Sci-Fi holiday, but it is how I spent last week. It is an interesting sociological study, when people come together as one- how do we handle holidays? To make it real interesting- have the two people be blending families. Now you have my world.
Strange thing about this Thanksgiving- the two holidays did not involve my side of our family.
Thursday, (real Thanksgiving,) was spent in Cushing with Joy's mother. Eventually Adam and Tashina and Patrick showed up, but it was basically just the three of us. Mommo Rie can't see anymore and had been having trouble with her hearing last week, so I cooked.
This is really nothing new, I like to cook. Joy does not, and since she does other things well, I do the cooking. I made the holiday staples; potato casserole, stuffing, salad, and cooked brownies. I bought a smoked turkey breast and Mom made me a sweet potato pie, we were in business. all went well. We even got back in time to see the "horns dominate the aggies. Life is good!
Friday I found out that one of Joys sisters was going to Cushing on Saturday, and was bringing some of her family. Once again I made stuffing, brownies, and potato casserole. I had a problem with the potatoes. Brookshire Bros. was out of hash browns so I had to use some frozen hash browns I had at the house. Since there would be many people on Saturday- I made a double batch.
The Saturday Thanksgiving went well also, except my casserole was bad- it did not taste good. Luckily Joys sister made some as well, so the meal was saved. Leftovers, however, were not. At least the dogs get to eat Thanksgiving leftovers.