Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Morning

It's Monday Morning. I don't know why people hate Mondays so much. I guess it is because the restful and relaxing weekend is over and they have to get back to the grinding job. I have to admit, sometimes I look forward to Monday. Yes, I am crazy. I don't think I can be proved in court.
Here is my reason. My weekends can get too full. From games on Fridays and Saturdays, Church Sunday morning and evening, visiting with friends, going out to my parents and working on the farm, etc. Do not get me wrong-I love doing these things. They all make me happy and keep me going. Here is the simple fact. I work harder on my days off than I do on my days on. I enjoy my job, and am good at it. I look forward to seeing customers and listening to their lives, but it is not hard work.
So.. It's Monday Morning!!! (Thank God.)

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