Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Where Am I?

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted on this forum. I haven't been super busy, I am not creatively drained, and my life has not been boring. Time seems to pass by, whether we want it to or not.
My friend David (of 365 Daves fame,) is finding out how tough it is to post every day. For those who are not "in the know," 365 Daves is a blog where David puts his,(use your favorite adjective here,) mug in photos of current events. There is a link to the left. Check it out, it is usually very funny.
I never tried to post daily, even while doing "Spikes World." Calm down. No, I am not bringing "Spikes World" back. Why? First, It was a web comic that was not well drawn. Second, even though I only updated every weekday, it was a pain to keep up to date. Not because it took a long time to draw, (obviously it did not,) but because there are some days that I had to force time to upload the work. That was not fun.
I may do another post this week-or maybe not. I just depends on how I feel. That feels great!
( By the way, you can still visit Spikes World even though it is not being updated. http://spikes-world.blogspot.com/ . )

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