Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Lufkin to you. (More to come.)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finally- More Rain

  Finally, we are getting some rain. While this puts a crimp on my sales calls and stump grinding, it does fill up ponds and creeks so my cows can drink. I am that weirdo that looks up at a partly cloudy sky and says "oh boy-it looks like rain!"
To further illustrate how dry it has been, I almost broke my neck Friday. Now I have your attention,("how is he going to tie no rain into neck breaking?") Fair question. Here is the bad answer.
  I was wrapping things up last week before Joy and I left for Austin. We had not gone all fall. I was missing 'Horn home games and she was missing Patrick. We even decided to skip the Panther game so we could get there at a decent hour. One of my final stops that day was at my parents house. Dad is home and doing better. I was there to pick up some books that I was going to sell in Austin.
Even though Dad is feeling better, he still does not go walking around outside. He asked when was the last time I saw the cows, and that would have been when I penned and sold some the week before. I told him I would go check on them. I went down to the "home place", where they usually hand out, but they were no where to be found. I began to walk up towards Dads and whistled.
  Our cows respond to whistling. They are called to feed time this way and it really help to find them when they bawl at the sound of the food whistle. I heard them answer and realized they were up at Dad's. In order to get to his house I had to cross Hottle Creek. Hottle may not be a major waterway, but it is a perennial stream, (it always has water.) There are crossings where animals, man included, usually cross. I started down the creek bank at one of these crossings and slipped. I landed right in the middle of the creek bed and heard my neck crack. I knew I had broken my neck and also knew Joy would be mad at me for ruining our trip. I slowly moved my arms to see if I could get to my cell phone, (although I could never explain to Joy where I was.) Then I slowly got up. I was not paralyzed at all, only muddy and sore!
  What does this have to do with rain? I landed in the middle of a creek and only got muddy! I almost broke my neck when I should have almost drowned. That is why I am glad for the rain.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Where Am I?

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted on this forum. I haven't been super busy, I am not creatively drained, and my life has not been boring. Time seems to pass by, whether we want it to or not.
My friend David (of 365 Daves fame,) is finding out how tough it is to post every day. For those who are not "in the know," 365 Daves is a blog where David puts his,(use your favorite adjective here,) mug in photos of current events. There is a link to the left. Check it out, it is usually very funny.
I never tried to post daily, even while doing "Spikes World." Calm down. No, I am not bringing "Spikes World" back. Why? First, It was a web comic that was not well drawn. Second, even though I only updated every weekday, it was a pain to keep up to date. Not because it took a long time to draw, (obviously it did not,) but because there are some days that I had to force time to upload the work. That was not fun.
I may do another post this week-or maybe not. I just depends on how I feel. That feels great!
( By the way, you can still visit Spikes World even though it is not being updated. . )