Saturday, October 04, 2008

Disappoinments II

Funny how life works. In today's first post I explained why Friday was a bummer day. Things can happen that bring reality to life. As I was leaving Abe, (the Lufkin stadium is Abe Martin Stadium,) I had to walk past the panther team as they made there way from the stadium back to their Field house. They were in tears and had their heads lowered. In looked at these young men and shouted "lift up your heads- you just played a hell of a game!" I saw this was a motivating moment and used it.
Then it occurred to me. If I was real, and I wanted these teen age men to pick up their heads and be proud, I had to do the same. Why should I be disappointed? My day was not that bad. I had done the best I could at living. I gave it my all. I need to lift my head and be proud. After all, I live life in Lufkin.

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