Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Welcome Back

I'm Back!!
After only a few years to collect my thoughts it may be time to return to blogging. Many things have changed since the last entry. First, I have a real job now. I can only use that excuse for maybe 18 months tops. I am lazy. That should take care of the rest.
Joy and I have had life changing experiences. Both of the older boys are out of the house, and Zack is in the army now. We started a ministry for college age adults called Transitions. We nurtured that for a while and finally let it go. I am not saying it is dead, but it is in hibernation.
Recently we started a class for young couples and families, and the class named it "Foundations." I like the name and am supper excited about the possibilities. This is an area that really needs help in our church. Sometimes, it takes God a while to get it into our brains what He wants us to do.
For Foundations I set up another blog. After working on that one I realized I needed to re-open my personal blog. Sure, I tried Myspace and Facebook, but the blogger blogs, (I like the way simile,) work best for me.

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