Saturday, October 04, 2008


Yesterday was a day of disappointments. It started bad enough, Mother called to say that Dad was stuck half on and half off his bed, (notice how I present the positive side first?) By the time I got to there house a neighbor had helped him get into bed, but he was not doing well at all. Despite the wonderful recovery I thought he had Thursday, he was in great pain. We decided to call an ambulance and take him to the hospital.
He did not have a good day and was admitted. I spent my day in the "trauma" room at Memorial Hospital of East Texas, basically waiting on a room. Even though I did nothing, by the afternoon I was worn out.
Last night to get my mind on upbeat things I went to the Panther game. The Lufkin Panthers have been one of the best football teams in Texas this decade, (therefore one of the best in the nation.) They were playing the North Shore Mustangs in Lufkin. Lufkin had not lost at home since 2001 and North Shore was going for a state record for consecutive regular season wins, ie..this was a big game.
The Panthers gave up touchdowns on three different fumbles, and ended up with eight turnovers and lost a nail biter 28-21. That is the way my day went.

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