Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why Ask Why

It's a bad morning when you start with a full e-mail box. I check my e-mail a couple of times a day, and I never have more than a dozen e-mails, and most of those are junk. This morning I go to hotmail and I had 166 messages.
  To some that sounds normal, to me that meant spam. Sure enough, someone was spaming a google group of mine. Luckily, I had put that group on moderation, so the entire group did not get the spam. I deleted the 150 junk messages and did the proper paperwork with google to try to get the spammers banned. (Is it okay to call that paperwork?)
  After spending precious time on my Wednesday morning cleaning up after this selfish and thoughtless spammer, I asked myself why would people act this way? Do the spammers really make enough money to justify this? I fgure that everyone is like me, when they see this herd of junk emails, they would NEVER even consider buying what is being advertised.
  Maybe they are being paid by the e-mail sent. Then their customers have to know why sales are down even when advetiseing is up.
  I will go about my business today. I will check on my Dad and visit customers. Hopefully I have learned something from this experience. Why ask why?

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