Monday, May 04, 2009

Tribute to Dad

In today's Lufkin Daily News a contributing writer wrote a piece on Dad. Jim Moore was a student and was one of Dad's tennis players. Dad was a great tennis coach. During his tenure at Lufkin High School the goals were not winning district, that was a given, but doing well in region and state. Now in a Lufkin team gets past the first few rounds in district they get headlines.
Jim also talked about Dad as a science teacher. Dad liked to coach tennis, but he loved science,(still does.) I have had many of his former students tell me how he encouraged them and challenged them. He taught two (2) Westinghouse scholars. To my knowledge, they were the only two LHS has ever produced. What makes this a little more impressive is he only taught science for less than a decade.
I also am a contributor for the Lufkin Daily News, but I seldom write nice things about Dad. He is usually the comic foil for the bad things that can happen in life. I do this because he has a great sense of humor and doesn't mind the press. I am very glad former students do write about how Dad touched their lives. He has touched mine as well. Lets face it; the things he did he did very well. No one can touch him as a tennis coach or a science teacher. These are documented facts. The truth is that the best thing he ever did was be my Dad.

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