Saturday, May 09, 2009

Old Sci- Fi

This morning I watched some old Sci-Fi. No, it was not reruns of Shantner-Nimoy Star Trek. It was War Games, (would you like to play a game?) Yes, I invested a few minutes watching a 30 + year old computer movie, and caused me to ask some questions.
Why did Matthew Broderick quit playing misguided youths (Ferris Bueller) and start playing Leo Bloom in a Mel Brooks Broadway? Obviously he captured teenage angst as well as anyone, and did not need tats or piercings to do it. Oh, that's right. He grew up. I think we all learned this lesson.
What ever happened to that superstar talent Dabney Coleman? He was VERY hot there for a while and now was fallen off the map. Is he doing dinner theatre in Peoria? My theory is that he is still in acting. I believe he has shaved his head and changed his name and teamed up with Oprah and the folks at Harpo. Yes, Dabney is now Dr. Phil.
The movie is now so lame it is funny. I use more technology to write and post this blog than the government used to safeguard the nation in that movie. It was made many moons ago, and all 30 year old movies do not age as well as...Blazing Saddles, (when on a Brooks roll- go with it.)
Saturday mornings- good times.

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