Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Story Telling

You never know when an opportunity will come along to connect with your children. I am usually pretty good at reaching out, especially to Ben and Grider. I look for ways to connect and parent with them. Life gives us all times we can share and help. Sometimes, however, great opportunities come when you least expect them. I really connected Sunday while the boys and I were picking blackberries.
The blackberries we were picking were the edible type, not communication devices. We were actually skipping youth at church and enjoying what may be the last cool weekend day before October. As we looked for and picked the berries, I began telling them stories. I shared with them then experiences I had growing up on the farm and since we were there, I could show them places that action had occurred.
I love telling stories. If you don't tell me to shut up I will go on and on when I am on a roll. I was on a roll Sunday. I told these freshmen in high school, (at least for another week,) stories for over an hour. Finally I knew I had to stop so we could get home in time to watch the Simpsons. I had a captive audience and took advantage.
The real surprise came Monday morning. As I drive them to school I always ask if they had a good weekend and what was their favorite part. Last weekend was full of good things for the boys. When it came time for Grider to share his favorite part he said picking berries and listening to Pop's stories. I could have wept.


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