Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So Now What?

Son Ben wants to be a writer like his Pop. I take that as a huge compliment. I like writing and entertaining so I try to encourage him. The rub is that his writing and mine are not similar, no his writing and mine are almost polar opposites. I write in a folksy way and tell stories of the past. Ben likes Sci Fi and writes about future.
A few weeks ago he started writing a novel, ( he is 14 and is working on a novel! ) He had compiled a bunch of ideas through the years, had written them down and now he wants to organize them in the form of a Sci-Fi novel.
His thoughts may not be similar to mine, but he has good ideas. The best part is that he works on his "project" a lot while he is at Pops. He has much more self discipline than I ever thought of. He is looking forward to summer so he can spend weeks at a stretch with Pop and can really get some work done.
I do read his stuff, and even though it is not my cup of tea, he does some things well. I will help him try to get it published, and I figure that even after rewrites he should have a finished manuscript by the fall. He could pitch it for years and still be ahead of the game.
Maybe his story will strike a nerve in his peer group. He may even sell more books than his Pop. Even if he doesn't, the fact that he wants to be a writer like his Pop makes me feel wanted and loved.

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