Monday, May 04, 2009


I usually do not show much discipline in my life. I tend to live day to day, not worrying much and caring less. This should be obvious because my blog has not been updated since January. This doesn't mean that things do nort happen that should cause concern. In the past few months I have lost my job, my benifits have been held up, and my parents are still getting older. The resulting financial and emotional stains have been tough on me and my family. I like to work and I enjoy selling, but my organizational skills have really hindered my employment search. I needed help.
That help has arrived in a different form. Joy and I have been participateing in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at the church. Joy is so fired up that she is causing me to be on board and has budgeted our household. Now, not only do I have specific written limits and boundaries with money, I also have had to make time budgets as well. So far so good.
I am not promoteing this course per se, but the discipline it has brought to my life has been needed. Stay tune to see if it continues to work. Following my update schedule I should update again around Thanksgiving.

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