Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Little House Cleaning

It’s time for me to clean up my act. I don’t mean it’s time to get more material for a stand up act, although that would not be bad. I need to clean my home, and I am not good at house cleaning. I have many talents in life, but cleaning man is not one. This is inherited, my Dad may be the worst house keeper on the planet that is still alive. Even though I would like to blame my condition totally on heredity, I can not in good conscience.
I need to point out that I do not mind living in a little clutter, but I do not like filth. J can’t stand to live the way I am accustomed to, and I enjoy peace and harmony more than clutter. Why should you be the one who cleans?, you ask. Isn’t that woman’s work? Maybe, but sense I have a more flexible schedule it is my job. I really don’t mind house cleaning, it is just that I am so bad at it. I can do a "deep" clean on a room, and when J looks at it, she can only shake her head and wonder why she trusts me to do this. I then look at the room, the same room that I would be so proud about it’s cleanliness, and see how messy it still is.
I am repenting. I want to change my ways. If there is a twelve step program to help me, I need to start the meetings. "My name is Steve-and I am a slob." The room would then answer, "Hi Steve." The meeting room would be a wreck however, and it would be like holding an AA meeting in the store room of a bar. After all, it would be a room full of slobs. Making amends might be tough. There are many old room mates that I would have to hunt down and apologize to, many of whom would run if they saw or heard me coming.
So I will make this change on my on, I will change myself from the inside. I will no longer be a slob in my home. I will no longer be a slacker when it comes to real house cleaning. I will no longer procrastinate when I know I need to clean, clean, clean. I will clean up my act, my room, my home, after I finish doing all the other things I need to do today. After all, the house doesn’t look that bad.

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